Twilight: I got an idea

Spike: (Snoring)

Twilight: Spike get up I can't live in this town anymore.

Spike: Why Twilight?

Twilight: Because of my friends, there all wierd.

Spike: How?

Twilight: Applejack is an idiot, Fluttershy is allways saying how she is going to gut us, pinkie is creepy, and rainbow dash she is so a lesbian.

Spike: What about Rarity?

Twilight: Who?

Spike: Nevermind. Wait y did you wake me up for, you hate me.

Twilight: Oh yah. You slept with Applejack, Pinkie, my sister, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Babs Seed,.......

(Time Skip)

Twilight: My mom, and Luna.

Spike: (Snoring)

Twilight: (Goes to the Door and opens the Door)

Twilight: To Dark all do it in the morning.

Twilight: (Closet the door)

Pinkie: Twilight!

Twilight: How Did you get in my house

Pinkie: No time for that. Apple Bloom Has bin kidnapped.